If we keep ours eyes open we will see everyday things that inspire.

Children, Animals, People whose trials are inconceivable and everyday people doing little acts of kindness.

I was at the store and a child (with "disabilities") was helping his mother get some bulk food. I asked her if he could help me and we spent maybe 2 minutes deciding on what to get (Candy Orange slices) and he counted out (16) as I dropped them into the little bag from the scoop. He asked why 16 and we talked again for less then a minute (two a day for a week and 2 extra if I need it). I said thank you and his mother just asked me why I stopped- I said he inspires me - she said "Me too".


These little rescued critters at BGH don't really care about the long road ahead or the past - right now there is a future and places to go and isn’t that the most important thing . . . They Inspire us. . .